I started two tags on Twitter

Let's see them come to fruition... particularly during my three months of absence. I know it's gonna take an uphill task to promote them, but hey, it can be quite fun, no ?

The tags are :

On Wednesdays, everyone shall share their WTH moments, findings and whatnot. A harsher-sounding version of this could go like #wtfwednesday but I'd rather stick to the words WTH.

From the French word "rappelons-nous", meaning "let us remember". If there's something, like a particular cause, a day of solemnity, celebration, whatever we'd like to bring to everyone's attention, French-speakers - and anyone who's interested in the tag - shall tag their posts with #rappelonsnous.

I've just let those two tweet tags into the Twittersphere. Let's see what develops.

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