In less than seven days, I'll be off to Miri.

Time flies.

Tomorrow's the last day of my A-Levels, and I've gotta start packing for what I might call an 82-day adventure. Or an 82-day ordeal. I'm not sure. All the things are placed in a pile in the study, and there's a really huge suitcase waiting. I remember dad took it out for me and I was like, "whoa, that's huge !"

I can't help but let silent tears trickle down my cheeks whenever I think of the day I'm going to leave. I just can't.


lolita said...

congratulations! and good luck in miri :)

troisnyx* said...

Thanks. But what's there to congratulate me for ? o.O

lolita said...

for finishing ur A level?

troisnyx* said...

Ehhhhhh. ^_^ Thanks. Though I'll only get the results somewhere in August or September, can't say for sure.

My exam finally finished today, and A-Levels comes to an end.