An idea which might win hearts all over the world

Remember how I was yearning to turn the National Service Journal into a musical or a game ? I can start the musical part, because I am adept in this field. But for this, I'll need people to work with me. See, there's a difference between counting one's chickens before they are hatched, and being plain visionary.

The story is similar to that of the actual National Service Journal, but it contains more fantastical elements. Brace yourselves for Le Carnet du Service National : La Comédie Musicale !

Of course, I'm not planning to launch it immediately ; I'll probably do this after my LLB, but it'd be great to note it down here so that I'll never forget it. After all, the world needs its daily dose on why some of its plans always fail. So, here are the remaining plot elements, which are currently under development :

Note : The colour of the name determines which company the trainee is in. Red stands for Alpha, blue for Bravo, yellow for Charlie and green for Delta. Spoiler warning : Plot or ending details follow.

Aimée Duchemin - Protagonist of the story and writer of the National Service Journal. Her story is almost like mine - she was once elected as company head but after the other company heads conspired to kick her out, she was removed from the post... and fell from grace. However, her chivalry and desire to change the order of things stood out among the others and she was ultimately made Best Trainee for the session.

Sybil Fran­çaix - One of Duchemin's best friends. Hailing from a humble background, she teaches Duchemin many of life's simple lessons. She stands up for what is right and if she is pressed between saving her teammates' skins and telling the truth, she always tells the truth. Her creative soul is tapped by Duchemin herself in the middle of the story, and she opens up and becomes ready to contribute creative ideas. She and other like-minded people drove Duchemin to establish the fraternity of Propriété Intellectuelle.

Dyane Lalique - The company commander for Bravo in Duchemin's place. However, unlike the other head honchos of almost every company, Dyane is not a conspirator. She stands up for every member of the company, but chooses not to protect them when they land themselves into trouble. Dyane considers Bravo as a sorority, and treats all members of the company like flesh and blood. She is more level-headed than Duchemin, who had shown emotional bursts during her time as commander. However, her level-headedness only comes to a certain extent......

Alix Sauveterre - The company commander for Charlie. She conspires against many things - particularly anything which involves Duchemin - just to give her own company a good name, and just to reap all the profit. She soon becomes a member of the infamous Disturbed Souls (Âmes perturbées) gang, and she uses that membership to prey on seemingly weaker people, notably Lilin, Duchemin, Myra and Lareine.

Tatienne Delacroix - Another of Duchemin's best friends. She extends beyond the boundaries of social convention by having friends of the stronger sex, by working in the police force, by running to the aid of her friends. She was once company commander for Delta, but soon stepped down and was replaced by Shirley. Tatienne describes her hard life : she became a mother, though not through her discretion. She decided to keep her son (whom she calls Thibaut) and raise him with all her love. Duchemin views her as "pure in my eyes", and helps brush off the destructive criticism of the Disturbed Souls. Tatienne later teaches Duchemin to master the drill routines.

Sylvain Dieudonné - A rebel with profound percussion talents. He starts off as cocky, conceited and rude, and despises anyone who poses a threat to him. He initially hated Duchemin when he discovered that she, too, had a natural talent for percussion. He competes with Duchemin to see who would perform on stage, as well as for the opening rites of any function. However, when Sylvain finally sees that he and Duchemin cannot outdo each other, he decides to work alongside her. His brazen personality melts away to reveal a caring, sentimental boy.

Still more to come !

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