The Black Eyed Peas live in Malaysia

You know what seems to be the quote of the moment over here ?

"Whenever an internationally-renowned stage performer comes to Malaysia on a concert tour and some parties immediately condemn him/her for the dressing/performance, saying that it defies moral logic and whatnot, a puppy dies of a heart attack."

Bear in mind that I intentionally said "puppy".

The biggest flop right now is that Beyoncé's concert has been postponed over "personal reasons". Bah ! She's probably thinking "Why the hell are some people so stupid to even comment on dressing and morals ?"
Everyone knows full well that at certain points in time, we need to let our hair down. And in the media, there's no stopping showy clothes. But just where is the line between acceptable and indecent ? If you're going to call a simple tank top indecent, then I've seriously no idea what to say. If you're going to call for a ban because of all this junk, then I say, these aren't the only things to be banned. You'll have to :

*ban the Final Fantasy series.
*ban the Kingdom Hearts series, even if you know that it's rated Everyone 10+.
*ban several children's movies, particularly those from Disney and Nickelodeon.
*ban Grey's Anatomy and several other TV series.
*ban American Idol.
*practically place a ban on everything, because like it or not, people have the prerogative of wearing sleeveless tops.

At the end of the day, who loses out ? Our own nation does, because of a select few people who don't know what it means to flaunt it just for a stage performance. It's not like they wear these clothes everyday (unless you're talking about tank tops and sleeveless stuff - that, I wear everyday too). Instead of fighting over dress codes, which those artistes yearn so much to know about, why don't you guys focus on promoting Malaysia as THE concert destination of the world ? No, I believe, at this rate, we'd already be gone to the dogs.

Meanwhile, I haven't lost sight of returning to Malaysia on a concert tour if I do realise my greatest dream of becoming a recording artiste, touching hearts and moving mountains. I'm definitely not going to play explicit like Mylène Farmer, but I'm going to define the line of acceptable. And if there's anyone who wants to stop me, I'll tell them, here and now, shut your big potty mouth and move the hell aside.

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