Made it a point to record this

I was compelled to record myself on the drums. This was an hour ago. I think.

I was experimenting on more bass drum beats, but halfway through it all it turned out pretty crappy. :P I tried to put the volume on loud, but I was actually afraid of waking up my grandpa, who was sleeping. So the volume's on medium, and pardon me if my hitting the hi-hat (or even the ride cymbal) sounds like I'm whacking rubber ! At least the bass and snare can be heard.

I suppose that's one reason why the drum part in every song has to be recorded twice (the drum part is the hardest to record).

I'm still a beginner in this, but by all means, you can be critical if you wish.

For those of you who know how to get to me, I've got better audio drafts than this. Might as well ask me for them. :P


SWei said...

Started out well but slowed down a bit. You've gotta keep the rhythm going consistently! :)

You're better from 1:11 onwards.

troisnyx* said...

I guess I should. Yeah, I suffered "arrythmia" :P I'll work on it. I WILL.

Anonymous said...

moi j'ai envie d'apprendre le piano
j'aime pas le solfège

troisnyx* said...

T’aimes pas le solfège ? Je t’avoue que j’en avais besoin quand j’apprenais le piano… surtout pour les accords, mon point fort. ^_^ Eh bien, contente de trouver ton commentaire ici !

Alex Bethune said...

Tres bon, je l'aime. Continuez à pratiquer!

troisnyx* said...

Ouais, je vais m'entrainer durement ! ^_^